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Flori Time is a fine art flower & lifestyle store based in Vancouver, Canada. From the hand picked packaging, high-grade paper, luxury wax seal, to finally the perfect ribbon that brings everything together, each and every step is done meticulously without rush. Of course, let’s not forget the hand picked flowers that will speak for it-self, leaving your love ones speechless. A musky, sweet scent that surrounds the air will bring you to the middle of the ever-so amazing field of gorgeous flowers. This is the one of a kind service we strive to give. Thus, we do not encourage any last minute gifts because all enticing moment take time to prepare. Though we know flowers may wilt someday, however your story will be everlasting.  





The honking of cars, nonstop phone calls through the busy streets, the cold grey cement ground of the city roads, from the moment our eyes open that’s all we experience. Is this all there is to life? That was, until the pandemic hit us. It turned our lives upside down; it affected our ways of living. The cars no longer honking, the busy streets cleared of people, the city was silent. Most of us lost something important, however it gave us back something we lost along the way of adulthood, time. The pandemic was a like opening up the Pandora’s box, as horrible nightmares crawled out, but so did hope, dreams and what we lost. We finally got the time to slow down and reevaluate our lives to this point. Flori Time is the product of that realization. As the pandemic clears, the streets starts buzzing and our lives start winding again. However, Flori Time is here to remind us of that grassy green smell, the warm summer breeze, and that painting that could bring us smiles as we stare at it in awe.
A picture is worth a thousand words and that’s what inspired Flori Time. It was born to tell a story, your story. Though there are no perfect gifts but we believe there is the right gift. A gift that tells a story between bonds; romance, friendship and family. Each and every package is unique, handmade and carefully selected to be one of a kind just like the story you would want to tell. Like a cup of hot coco in the middle of winter night that warms your body, we believe a heartfelt present is what will warm ones heart and soul.