Creative Director  

     Hello, if you haven't had the chance to get to know me, my name is Sabrina. :) And here is my story: being born in Taiwan and raised half of my life in Canada really put me at an awkward position as a kid. The clash of cultural and ethnicity differences has always been a problem. The language, the food, the environment were all different making it hard to fit in. Being like an outcast in a new surrounding the only place I could hide away was behind my pencil.

    Calligraphy was what soothed me, every stroke of dark black ink on a blank new page made me feel like I could control again. Art played wonders throughout my life as I grew older I appreciated not just formal Chinese art but also the modern abstract art of western culture. It made me realize what I see wasn’t two cultural that are set worlds apart, but instead a unity, a blend of what could be created. Especially after going into event planning I found out what I could accomplish by combining two types of ideology. Meeting numerous people and hearing stories about their lives gave me the idea of Flori Time.

    A brand based on unity of cultures that tells a story one cannot express with words, but instead an image. With the glamours natural settings we have, combined with tradition black ink, Flori Time will make bonds stronger with a everlasting story to tell.


    The honking of cars, nonstop phone calls through the busy streets, the cold grey cement ground of the city roads, from the moment our eyes open that’s all we experience. Is this all there is to life? That was, until the pandemic hit us. It turned our lives upside down; it affected our ways of living. The cars no longer honking, the busy streets cleared of people, the city was silent. Most of us lost something important, however it gave us back something we lost along the way of adulthood, time. The pandemic was a like opening up the Pandora’s box, as horrible nightmares crawled out, but so did hope, dreams and what we lost. We finally got the time to slow down and reevaluate our lives to this point. Flori Time is the product of that realization. As the pandemic clears, the streets starts buzzing and our lives start winding again. However, Flori Time is here to remind us of that grassy green smell, the warm summer breeze, and that painting that could bring us smiles as we stare at it in awe.
    A picture is worth a thousand words and that’s what inspired Flori Time. It was born to tell a story, your story. Though there are no perfect gifts but we believe there is the right gift. A gift that tells a story between bonds; romance, friendship and family. Each and every package is unique, handmade and carefully selected to be one of a kind just like the story you would want to tell. Like a cup of hot coco in the middle of winter night that warms your body, we believe a heartfelt present is what will warm ones heart and soul.